The Power Of Video Ads

Power Of Video AdsVideo ads can be the foundation of a good brand presence and content strategy as it relates to organic video content marketing. However, when it comes to acquiring leads or customers, encouraging specific actions, or “jump starting” your organic content, video ads can be an indispensable tool. We’ll discuss a few different types below.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads, when they first came on the scene a few years ago, were a very exciting development. Today, their charm still has not worn off. From a marketer’s perspective, YouTube ads are a dream come true. With YouTube video ads, you can make your video play in front of just about anyone at the very beginning of the YouTube video they are trying to watch. All you need is your own video to use as a video ad. Any video hosted on YouTube will do. As if that wasn’t cool enough, you only pay the already low prices per view if a person watches beyond the 30 second mark of your ad. This means if a person clicks the “skip ad” (and the majority of people will) button any time prior to 30 seconds, you pay nothing. This means that you are basically spreading brand awareness for free in the case of the “skippers”, and paying a very small amount of money in the case of the people who view more of your ad.

There are numerous ways to target audiences with your YouTube ads. Some of the more common ones include keyword searches, interests, and basic demographics such as age, gender, location and so on. However, the real magic in YouTube advertising, is the ability to target specific videos or channels to place your ads in front of. This means you have the ability to place your ads in front of relevant or even competing product videos. Finally, because YouTube ads are part of AdWords, you have the ability to utilize google tracking/remarketing audiences. In other words, you can place an ad for your product in front of a person who has been to your sales page but chose not to purchase your product.

Google Display Network Ads

In addition to video ads showing on YouTube itself, Google AdWords also allows you to display your video ads all over the web via its display network. This means, if you want, your video ads could be showing in the sidebar of Forbes. The targeting principles for these ads are more or less the same: you can target based on keyword searches, age, gender, location, and various other criteria. Furthermore, by utilizing retargeting pixels, you can use these display network video ads to follow your site visitors around the web with your videos.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook ads have become increasingly popular. All the usual things about Facebook ads in general that make them so attractive, apply to Facebook video ads as well. The ability to target Facebook users based on interests as well as several other very useful Facebook demographics and targeting options, make Facebook video ads an incredibly powerful tool. But beyond targeting, Facebook video ads are even more impressive due to the manner in which they are displayed. Facebook video ads, like Facebook organic content, auto-play, as they appear on people’s screens. This makes your ads all the more noticeable and leads to very high engagement rates for this type Facebook ads.

Jumpstarting Organic Content

One little known advantage of video ads is the ability to use them to jumpstart your organic content. Putting a piece of video content on YouTube or Facebook for organic purposes is great. But, you don’t need to sit and wait for views to slowly trickle in. You can, instead, give your organic content a quick initial boost by using those organic videos as ads. In the case of YouTube, this simply means starting a new YouTube video ad in AdWords, and choosing your organic content video as the ad video.

Target an audience relevant to that video as you ordinarily would, and fire up the ad. This can be an effective way of boosting the number of initial views and engagements in a very short amount of time. In the case of Facebook, once your video post has been made, you simply need to choose the boost post option as you would with any other post. Here, you’re simply setting a small budget of $5-$20, choosing a target audience and “boosting” the post which simply means making it into an ad temporarily.

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