Using An Audio Transcript

Audio TranscriptWhen you have any type of audio, whether it’s a video or a podcast, you can use an audio transcript to increase its perceived value. Your customers will be happy you did too. They’ll feel as if they’re getting so much more value that they’ll not only be more satisfied, they will also likely agree to pay even more for the product to start with.

1. Create a Case Study – Anytime you have an audio transcript of an interview relating to your product or niche, you can create a case study from it in writing from the audio. By enhancing the transcript, you can make it very easy to follow and understandable. You can even add other information to it to stretch it out and further the understanding. For example, you can add visual elements, more explanations about what they’re saying, and so forth.

2. Write a White Paper – An audio transcript of is a great beginning to a white paper. A white paper talks generally about a problem, kind of pokes the bear, and then offers a solution (or more than one solution) highlighting the solution the author wants them to use for the problem. An interview is a great starting point for a case study.

3. Add It as a Bonus – Once you create the audio transcript, you can always add it as a bonus to people who have watched the video or listened to the podcasts. You can use it to grab email addresses in exchange for the bonus too.

4. Offer a Different Format – When someone listens to your audio, they may want a different format to get a deeper understanding. Plus, some people may not be able to listen to your audio either due to bad internet or because they are hard of hearing.

5. Repurpose into Infographics – When you transcribe the audio content, you will notice quotes and data that you can repurpose into an infographic more easily than if you are only listening to the audio.

6. Create Memes – When people say smart things in the moment in an interview, they make the very best types of quotes. You can create a meme with their image and the quote to highlight important factors.

7. Develop a Guide – You can combine transcripts about different topics to develop a guide which you turn into a PDF file that you sell to your audience or give away as a freebie.

8. Create Courses – Any type of audio transcript can be put into course material if you’re trying to teach someone how to do something.

9. Turn into a Book – A really useful way to use a transcript is in a book. You can’t add video to a book (although nowadays you can add links to digital books), so a transcript is perfect.

10. Make It into Cornerstone Content – If the transcript covers most of the topics within your niche, you can turn it into cornerstone content for your website with a transcript. Cornerstone content is also sometimes called long-form or epic content. This is content that can lead your audience through your entire business.

Now that you know how to use transcripts in business, how are you going to use your next podcast or video in a new way?

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