Where To to Add Upsells

Where To to Add UpsellsSelling your products and services requires a deep understanding of your ideal customer. The customer is the most important part of choosing how to present upsells or even creating them in the first place. Knowing that, here are some likely places to add your upsells, but remember, you need to test different ways to present your upsell to find out what works best for your audience.

1. Sales Page

Putting upsells right on your sales page by giving your customers a complete review of each choice works great. This is especially useful when it’s really the same product that you created add-ons for or further functionality for, like with software. But it can work for almost any type of product or service.

The idea is to make the upsell look more valuable than the regular choice. You can do this by pointing out all the benefits and functionality of each choice and the value of the upsell choice.

2. Product Page

Another way to present an upsell is to offer it on the product page. It can be as simple as a notice that, “buyers who looked at this product also looked at this one.” Or “buyers who looked at this product usually buy this one.” This is an effective way to present the upsell to your audience.

3. Shopping Cart

You can also add upsells to the shopping cart. Once your customer puts something in a shopping cart, it can be a good time to show them that for just a few dollars more than can get the upsell item or add on other items to their purchase. Give them a clear choice so that they can check the box right by each add-on to get more functionality out of their first purchase choice.

4. Thank You Page

You can also add an upgrade on the thank you or download page. This is an effective way to get them to add on something to the original purchase so that you can send them the upgraded or upsell purchase right away. Plus, since they’ve already paid for the first purchase, now the upgrade will appear less expensive as you’ll only charge them the difference.

5. Welcome Email

You always send your customers a welcome email or a thank you email right away. This is also an effective time to offer an upsell, but it can be risky. You don’t want to insinuate that they made a poor choice in their first purchase. Instead, you want to present it as an offer to buyers only and make it extra special for them to thank them and congratulate them on their intelligent purchase.

6. Later in Email

Another way to present an upsell is to give them time to use the first purchase before offering additional features and benefits to them. This is an effective way to nurture your relationship with them too. Present this as a, “you’re such a great customer that I want to offer you this for less.”

7. Retargeting Ads

If you install a pixel in your code for Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can also retarget those who have purchased your product by offering them an upgrade. Make the advertisement very personal, talk directly to the buyer, and tell them the benefits of the upsell in words that they understand.

8. Within Milestones

Another way to offer an upsell is within various milestones. For example, if you have a course that you’re teaching about something and it’s an appropriate place to offer them an upsell for something, you may want to offer one-on-one coaching when a student reaches a certain part of the course.

Upsells are an important way to add to your bottom line. But you need to know how to approach them from your customers’ perspective. You don’t want them to feel like their first choice was wrong, or that you’re performing the hard sell on them. You want them to feel happy and satisfied and proud of their choices, and that your products and services offer value.

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