Have a TNP Christmas

Christmas is nearly here along with the shopping rush for gifts.

Why not do your shopping through The Nucleus Project and earn some money back this festive season.

Here are some great gift ideas picked from our range of products





The Real Aussie Jokes Book

The Real Aussie Jokes Book has over 1000 jokes, one liners, poems and captions and has something for everyone as it covers most aspects of everyday living. The book was written to bring laughter into people’s lives as it is still one of the best medicines for improving mental health. So if it can bring hope and laughter then it has achieved it’s purpose.

The Author having grown up on the land in the Mid-North of South Australia 6 years shearing and spending many years on the road as a sales representative for Golden North and Farmers Union this took him all over South Australia, regional Victoria and New South Wales and gave him the opportunity to meet so many people of different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and many characters along the way. There was always a joke to tell or listen to. The Author pays special tribute to his late Grand- father as the author inherited some of his Grandfather’s ability to remember jokes.



The Meter’s Still Ticking Book

 Specially selected stories of strange incidents and abnormal human behaviour that is part of the everyday life of a taxi driver. It includes conversations with many famous and well-known personalities such as Keiren Perkins, Normie Rowe, Darren Beadman and Matt Rogers.

The Author originally from the UK now resides on the Gold Coast Qld where he has been driving Taxi’s for many years. Being from the UK many of the stories have been written with the British tounge-in-cheek comedy style.


Elements Double CD

 A unique double CD selection of the multi award winning music and performances of Australian ec- lectic violinist and composer Mykl Lozin.

Mykl’s unique style in musical composition blends many of the world traditions including modern and indigenous cultures intertwining with nature as it merges seamlessly into grand and sweeping orchestral soundscapes cd set are the wonderful and powerful interplays with the most unusual collabora- tion of instruments, the violin and the didgeridoo.

Mykl was the first composer performer to bring this level of duet musicianship to the world stage featuring these two instruments in the 90’s gaining worldwide recognition and several music awards.  A perfect relaxation and travel album to add to your favourite’s collection.



Village to Villa Series 1

 In late 2015 media professionals Neil McLean and Gai Reid were contemplating their next creative project. Both had enjoyed stellar careers in their chosen field and were still at the top of their game. They had a yearning to travel – but they wanted a deeper, more authentic experience. The places they wanted to go, the things they wanted to do and the length of time it would take would cost a great big pile of money.

How could they travel and explore four countries extensively and sustain themselves along the way? Research revealed pet and house sitting was part of the solution to travelling longer for less and be- coming embedded in each location to live like locals. It would take courage. Gai & Neil needed to take a massive risk, packing up and heading overseas for a year. Would it work or would it crash and burn?

Davide Von Peters and Global Entertainment Productions came onto the scene with perfect timing. The organization (and its many supporters) joined with Neil and Gai initially and encouraged them to have a go at the ambitious project of filming a 13-part series along the way. The rest as they say is history.

This 2 DVD box set contains not just the 13 episodes being screened on TV but a special Episode 14 – The Bloopers and outtakes during production.


Remote Control Electric Candles

 This set of three candles are made from real wax with each running off 2 AA batteries (not included) The candles are 3.1″ x 4″   3.1″ x 5″  &  3.1″ x 6″    In a Classic Ivory Smooth Finish with Remote. 1 LED Last for approximately 300hrs per set of batteries.

A great way to enjoy the effects of a real candle without the fire risk.


 Votive Electric Candle

 Made from real wax and measuring  2″ x 2.5″ in a Classic Ivory Smooth Wax Finish  1 LED. CR2032 battery included. Lasts approximately 96hrs

A great way to enjoy the effects of a real candle without the fire risk.

Also available in a box of 9 candles for $ 30.00


Baby Picture Frame

This picture frames is finished in black with white print and is a solid timber frame. Holds a 4 x 6 photo


 Zodiac Picture Frame

 These Zodiac theme picture frames hold a 4 x 6 photo

Simply inform us of which star sign or signs you require when placing your order

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently sold out of Gemini and Cancer



Anno White Picture Frame

This picture frame is finished in a white rustic look and holds 4 x 4 photo.


Kansas Nickle Picture Frame

This larger picture frames is finished in black mirror tile affect and holds a 5 x 7 photo.



Confirmed in Christ Picture Frame

This Diamante picture frames holds a 2 x 3 photo.

$5.00 each

18th Birthday Picture Frame

 These Diamante picture frames hold a 2 x 3 photo.

Available in Hanging or Square, please stipulate when ordering.



Mum and Dad Picture Frame

 This is a top seller. A 2 piece hinged Diamante picture frame each hold a 3 x 3 photo.


Boulevards Pewter Picture Frame

 This picture frames is finished in a pewter finish and holds 5 x 7 photo.


Soccer Picture Frame

 For the soccer lover or player this great frame has a raised 3d jersey, ball and boots and holds a 4 x 6 photo.

$5.00 each

Riley Picture Frame

 These larger frames measure 26cm x 31cm and can stand or be mounted portrait or landscape.

Holds either a 4 x 6 photo or a 5 x 7 photo

Stipulate when ordering either 4 x 6 or 5 x 7.

$5.00 each

Alaska Picture Frame

 These Silver frames with colour inlay hold a 5 x 7 photo.

Available in Pink, Green and Red.

Please stipulate colour when ordering.


$2.00 each

Photo Albums 

 These mini photo albums hold 36 photos each 4 x 6 in size and available in Pink, Blue or Walnut.

Please stipulate colour when ordering.

$12.00 for 3 pack

 * You can also get all the one type or other combination of 3 just let us know when ordering.

Hemp Soap 3 Pack

 Orangutan friendly.  Certified Palm Oil is used in all our soaps.

Scented with pure essential oil.

Hemp Seed Oil soaps are moisturising, creamy and soft on sensitive skin.

This variety 3 pack contains 1 x Lemon Grass, 1 x Lavender and 1 x Unscented  great for sensitive skin.

You can also get all the one type or other combination of 3 just let us know when ordering.

  To place an order please fill out a support ticket detailing your order making sure to include your full contact details.

We will get back to you to arrange for both payment and order delivery.

All prices are in AUD


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