Former Exfuze Members – LIFE Product Purchase Options

This is an alternative LIFE product purchase option for former Exfuze members that are currently being integrated into The Nucleus Project.

We have included both PayPal and Credit Card options for the monthly options.

LIFE is based on a collection of wild foods from the world’s longest living culture; the Australian Aborigines.

We combine 13 of these wild foods with some wild harvested acai and a range of other conventional fruits which are still exceptional sources of antioxidants.

The result is a nutritional cocktail with a powerful, synergisticlly interactive antioxidant cascade. This potentiates or amplifies the effects of any one antioxidant improving the results you can expect from our whole food drink.

A complete overview of LIFE can be found inside Social Nucleus

LIFE – Single Pack 150g – $85 USD Includes Shipping

LIFE Monthly Auto-Ship Option – $85.00 USD every 30 Days

LIFE – Three Pack 150g X 3 – $215 Includes Shipping

LIFE Quarterly Auto-Ship Option – $215.00 USD every 90 Days = $40.00 Savings