Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing StrategyTo develop a mobile marketing strategy, the first thing you need to know is who your customer is. Today, customer-centric marketing strategies that focus on your customer of one is what works best.

* Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile – If you’re going to use mobile marketing, it’s imperative that any landing page a mobile user goes to really works with the mobile device. If they click on it and they can’t read it, or they can’t check out, there is no point at all in delivering the messages to them.

* Know Who Your Audience Is – Anytime you do anything, whether it’s marketing or creating a product, knowing exactly who your audience is (what they want, their fears, their problems, and who they are) will help you do it right.

* Create Effective CTAs – When you know who your audience is and how they think, you’ll be able to create amazing calls to action that really get results. Think outside of the “buy now” or “download now” framework to get your audience to act on your CTAs. Some ideas might be, “Yes, I want my free information” or, “Please give me my free book now.”

* Ensure Your CTAs Work on Mobile – The CTA button, the landing page, the checkout process… all need to work on mobile. You don’t want to make the mistake of doing all that work without it all working properly.

* Use the Right Technology – There is a lot of technology that can help make it easier. This includes email marketing software that works on mobile, landing page software that is responsive, and SMS and MMS technology that allows you to engage with your customers in an interactive way.

* Ensure Your Email Is Optimized for Mobile – Use shorter subject lines, the right preview text, and shorter messages with the right size CTA buttons that work best on the type of mobile most of your audience uses.

* Build Awareness – Use social media, email marketing, blogging, paid ads and other methods to build awareness among your audience about your offerings. When you create content that your audience wants to see, it will build awareness and promote it to them where they are.

* Collect Information – When you get the opportunity, collect the information that you need to use SSM and MMS with your audience, which is their mobile phone numbers. You can start by collecting an email address, then you can lead to collecting mobile numbers. Incentivize them with free gifts, coupons, and more.

A sound mobile marketing strategy is a very effective form of marketing that is becoming more so by the day. As more people use their mobile devices almost exclusively to browse the internet, use social media, and check their email, it becomes more important to create a mobile marketing strategy that really gets results.

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