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Which Social Media Platforms Should You Be Using?

social media platformsLet’s look at how you figure out which social media platforms you should be using for your social media marketing efforts. This is a question that is often asked because business owners want to ensure that they’re using the right social media platforms in their social media marketing efforts. But (and this may frustrate you but it’s true), the answer is that it depends.

* Know Your Audience – It’s imperative that you know exactly who your audience is because if you don’t, it’s hard to know what platform to use. Also, some niches are better for different platforms. Look at different platforms to try to figure out how your content would fit in with that platform, but only if your audience is there.

* Know Your Goals and Objectives – When choosing a platform, it’s imperative that you know your goals and objectives for the platform going in. They might have rules against your niche or the way that you want to do things. This way it will be easy for you to meet your objectives.

* Which Social Media Platforms Does Your Audience Use? – Knowing what platforms your audience uses will help you also determine which ones you may want to use. After all, if a large portion of your audience is there, then you will likely want to be there too.

* Where Is Your Audience Most Active? – While your audience may be on many different platforms, which one are they most active on? They may be in high numbers on one platform but not active and not engaging. For example, some people only use Facebook to talk to friends and family, while they may be more likely to take advice on YouTube or Instagram.

* Start with the Top Choice – After doing your research, start with the choice that has a lot of your audience engaging, buying, and being active. It’s okay to create profiles on more than one, but pick one to focus on.

* Learn One Platform at a Time – You want to get adept at a platform before you move on to another one. Get a platform to where it’s almost automated other than when you are personally engaging with your audience. You never want to automate engagement or you’ll miss out on the best part of social media marketing, which is building relationships.

* Hire a Social Media Marketing Expert – If you’re not sure what direction to go with your social media marketing efforts, or which platforms to join, and you really don’t have a good idea about your audience or other things mentioned, consider hiring a social media marketing consultant, coach, or expert. This will push you forward so much faster.

* Ask Your Audience – If you have access to your audience in some format, ask them what social media they’re on and where they’d like to see you. You can do an email list survey, or run an advertisement on Facebook or other social networks targeted to your audience to find out where they are and where they’d like to see you.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to be on all platforms even if your audience is there. It’s good to be on a couple in case one platform goes away. Don’t laugh; that can happen. Even Facebook may not exist in its current form in a few years, so never put all your eggs in one basket. The important thing is to rely on your audience to lead the way along with the goals you have created.

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