Make Money with Freelancing

Here are a Few Ways to Make Money with Freelancing

Make Money with FreelancingFreelancing

Freelancing is an incredibly exciting endeavour and as a relatively new area in the world of work, it can be difficult to inform yourself on how it all works. But don’t worry, once you’ve read this book you’ll be ready to embrace the world of freelancing and make money on your terms.

The following are the most popular areas in which to become a freelancer, and some of the jobs within those areas:


This section can be broken down into two categories: software and web development. With all programming jobs, finding your niche is a good way to build up a portfolio. If you’re particularly strong in one programming language or at creating specific products, focus on that. This will help you to build a name as a specialist and allow you to improve one skill to a very high level rather than being just another freelancer who does a bit of everything.


Content writing (e.g. blogs, articles), copywriting (e.g. product descriptions, website page content), and technical writing (e.g. user manuals, reports) are the most popular styles of writing for which freelancers are hired. A lot of freelance writers write similar pieces for the same clients on a regular basis; for example, writing a monthly article for an online publication.

Graphic Design

As a lot of companies use freelancers for marketing and advertising work, the majority of freelance graphic design work involves designing advertisements and websites. When working as a freelance designer, it’s important to learn how clients communicate visual ideas using words; otherwise, you could spend a lot of time on unsatisfactory first drafts.


Virtual assistants have grown very popular in recent years, as much of an assistant’s work is now done online or over the phone. Administration jobs such as social media and website managers are also very popular. These freelancers are experts on a company’s products and answer any questions that consumers post on their online media, as well as posting regular content such as blog posts.

Video Editing

As video sites like YouTube and Vimeo have soared in popularity, almost all social media platforms have added a video element in order to capitalise on this success. If you’re interested in becoming a freelance video editor, this is great news! Freelance video editing will feature a lot more work on small-scale projects than in-house work, so don’t expect to be working on big-budget films or TV shows any time soon.


Social media management and copywriting also fall into this category, but of course, there are a wide variety of freelance marketing jobs. Marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years, from outbound (the company reaching out to the consumer) to inbound (the consumer reaching out to the company). This means that a lot of marketing work now focuses on making information on a product available so a consumer can access it when they’re researching a potential purchase.

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