The Nucleus Project


Founder Stars Promotion

When The Nucleus Project was founded we created a pool of 500 Founders Stars.
We sold 300 of those Stars during our company launch which left 200 Stars for a possible future release.

Over the last few months we have received more than several inquires about the availability of Founders Stars.
Because of this high level of interest we have decided to release 50 Founders Stars for sale for $300 each.

We are going to allow members the option of using existing wallet balances for the purchase of these Stars.

Founders Stars are normally restricted to Premium members but for this promotion we are going to give Social
members the ability to purchase Stars that will be held in their name until they reach the Premium level.

This promotion expires on April 15th or until the 50 shares are sold.

If you are interested in purchasing Founders Stars either fully or partially using your internal Nucleus Project wallet
please submit a support ticket detailing your interest and we will reply with any additional steps required.


Number of Stars