Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions


What is The Nucleus Project?

The Nucleus Project is about our online community, Internet marketing systems, training and earning income. Individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, trainers, public speakers, charities and direct sales companies are now becoming part of the project to assist not only themselves but others to benefit from our unique business model. The business model which was over 2 years in development has been thriving for almost 4 years (as of 4/1/18)


What are the available affiliate levels?

The 3 affiliate packages are…
Social – $99/annual
Social Elite – $180/annual
Premium – $900/annual

Please see the Rewards Program page for additional details.


Will I able to upgrade/downgrade my affiliate level?

At any stage an Affiliate or Retail Customer can upgrade or downgrade to a different product package by sending a request via our support ticket system.


How does the 3×7 Rewards Plan work?

 The Affiliate Rewards Program is set out in a simple format to encourage the participation of people from all walks of life. From those who may not be familiar with Network Marketing concepts, to the serious Network Marketer; our program is rewarding for all.

 You can see an example of how the program would look based on the Premium participation level HERE


How do the matching bonuses work?

Matching Bonuses are paid to the active Affiliates who have personally introduced at least 2 other active Affiliates.  The Matching Bonus is a percentage of their personally sponsored Affiliate Matrix Commissions and helps determine Affiliate status.

 A diagram of how the matching bonuses work can be found HERE


What are the Global Pools?

Paid to Active Affiliates who have personally sponsored at least 2 Active Affiliates,  The Global Bonus Pools are made up of 2% from the total monthly Affiliate product purchases. The Global Pools will be totaled and then divided by the number of achievers eligible for the Global Pools, with each receiving one equal share of each pool. (Note: These Pools are paid out quarterly)

Full details are available HERE


How are commissions calculated?

The base item for all calculations is Personal Volume (PV) and to keep this simple 1 PV = 1 USD

 Our current Affiliate Product Packages generate the following monthly PV:

  • $99 per annum Social Package (3PV)
  • $180 per annum Social Elite Package (5PV)
  • $900 per annum Premium Package (40PV)


How are commissions paid?

To qualify for commissions an Affiliate has to be Active in a calendar month to receive commissions from activity in their team in that month. Commissions are paid monthly to your Nucleus eWallet and can then be transferred to your bank account.


Are the products available at retail?

The 3 product packages are not currently available at retail…


What is your refund policy?

You may CANCEL this transaction, without Penalty or Obligation, prior to midnight of the seventh day after the date of this transaction. If you cancel, any payments made by you under the contract or sale, and any negotiable instrument executed by you will be returned within 30 days of receipt by Nucleus of your cancellation notice, and any security interest arising out of the transaction will be cancelled.


How do I access my commissions?

Your commissions can be viewed and accessed from the Affiliate Reporting Area of your online office.


What is active

An Affiliate is active when they generate a certain amount of Personal Volume (PV) this can be from the personal purchase of products, or from the purchases made by customers you have personally introduced to The Nucleus Project.

 You must be Active in each calendar month to receive commissions from the activity of people within your team (Downline) during the month. If you are not Active in a month then any commissions generated by people in your team that month will pass to the next Active person above you.

For more detailed information on this please refer to the answers to the following questions on the FAQ page of our web site; “How are commissions calculated?” and “How are commissions paid?”


Which countries can we not accept payments from?

Our merchant provider may not process or accept payments from the following countries:

Bosniaand Herzegovina
North Korea

If you are having challenges with online payments being received please contact us via the support ticket system and we will what we can to assist you.

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