Creative Content Marketing Strategy Part 1

Creative Content MarketingIf your business has an online component, creative content marketing should always be the backbone of your efforts. It is an indisputable fact that quality, laser focused content used properly will drive traffic to your business.

When I refer to “creative content marketing” I am not talking about a bunch of exaggerated facts or embellished information that is so prevalent online (NO fake news). I am referring to a well thought out and planned mix of content that delivers your message in a direct and entertaining way.

This can be accomplished using a variety of formats such as plain text, audio, video, infographics, checklists, downloadable PDF documents and more. Sounds like a daunting task but in reality the process requires only one main piece of text content that is then re-purposed into several other formats.
Maybe I will write another article detailing how that process works.

If you have been managing your online business for any amount of time, you have most likely heard the term “Content is King”. Not taking those words seriously will most certainly have a negative impact on your business over the long term.

There is nothing else available that even remotely comes close to bringing your business the kind of benefits that quality, focused content can.

We live in a society that is saturated with technology and commuication gadgets that have created an “I want it and I want it now” mentality.

The Internet has become the worlds most valuable and reliable resource when it comes to finding out detailed information about anything and everything.

When someone is searching for information related to some aspect of your business you naturally would prefer that they come to you to fill that need.

If your creative content marketing strategy is targeted to those potential customers you at least have a fighting chance to get your share of that traffic.

Now that you understand why content is so important, let’s look at how it can directly benefits your business.

People in your sphere of influence such as friends, family, business associates and current customers might know that your a trustworthy person that sells quality products and services and that your business takes customer service seriously. To the people that you have no pre-existing relationship with you are just another business trying to make a sale.

In order to make that all important sale you must at a minimum create a certain level of confidence with your potential customer.

How do you build that initial level of confidence so that your prospective customer is willing to dig deeper and find out more about your business, products and services?

You got it – quality, laser focused content that helps build a relationship of trust that will hopefully lead to the sale.

The Internet is an amazing marketing tool but it doesn’t give you the ability to meet and assist your customers in person. That means it is much more difficult to gain potential customer trust quickly as opposed to a brick and mortar experience.

This is where your creative content marketing comes into play.

With the right content your prospective customers will get to know you and your business as they consume your information.

They’ll be able to experience first hand if you know what you’re talking about as it relates to your specific niche while at the same time making the decision about whether or not you can be trusted when it comes time to initiate that ever important transaction.

The right mix of creative content allows you to position yourself as the “go-to” person within your niche which will producce huge benefits to your business as that reputation grows over time.

There are several different obstacles that your content must be able to overcome.

Most people are incredibly cautious about offers they see while browsing online. There are far too many websites touting their products as high-quality or that miracles will happen if you buy a certain product – all of these claims without any actual proof.

Unfortunately, those unscrupulous marketers have made it that much more difficult for legitimate businesses to grab a foothold online.

Consumers have become hardened to all claims, valid or not, and getting them to feel confident about purchasing from can be tough to acomplish.

Your creative content marketing will help soften them towards yor business simply because you’re showing them that you’re not a scammer, but a genuine expert in your niche.

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