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Tools, products and services for the modern day marketer


The product range is designed to provide the tools, training and resources to assist anyone wishing to increase their online marketing success and benefit financially from becoming part of our online community.

It consists of the following elements:

  • Social Community Platform
  • Improve Your Lifestyle
  • Marketing Tools and Resources
  • Live and Recorded Training
  • Graphics Creation Tools
  • Discounted ozLIFE Superfood
  • Film and TV Production Company

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Social Community Platform

community-hexThe Hub of The Nucleus Project – Our ‘Get Paid to Socialize’ Platform

The Nucleus Project has a vibrant global community of individuals, companies, groups and organizations that communicate and collaborate utilizing our 24/7 Social Platform and Multi-Media Conferencing System.

Some of the main features of our Business Friendly Social Media Networking Community:

  • Receive credits for participating in the community and earn Bonus Pool commissions
  • Voice / Video/ Text Chat
  • Collaborative Whiteboard & Documents
  • Multiple Chat Rooms
  • Real Time Chat
  • Private Messaging
  • Photo, Music and Video  Sharing
  • File Storage and Sharing
  • Integrated Blog Posting
  • Classified Display Adverts
  • Business Pages
  • Member Stores
  • Public and Private Groups
  • Publicize and Manage Events
  • Fundraising Capability
  • Topical Forums
  • Full Mobile Compatibility
  • Support Ticket System
Improve Your Lifestyle

blogging-hexImprove Your Lifestyle is a division of The Nucleus Project and requires a minimum Social Annual level membership.

Improve Your Lifestyle contains 3 levels of lifestyle related training seminars:

*The Lifestyle 101 Package includes 2 training seminars that are valued in excess of $100 each.

Successful Budgeting and Introduction to Marketing

These seminars are designed to assist you in managing all aspects of your lifestyle and daily household budgets no matter what your income level. You will also learn how to professionally market yourself and your business.

**The Lifestyle 301 Package includes 2 training seminars that are valued in excess of $100 each.

Successful Saving and Ethical Marketing

These seminars are designed to assist you in managing all aspects of your lifestyle and daily household savings and how to stretch your budget even further no matter what your income level is. You will also learn how to ethically market yourself and your business.

***The Lifestyle 601 Package includes 2 training seminars that are valued in excess of $100 each.

Successful Investing and International Marketing

These seminars are designed to assist you in managing your income through Investing no matter what your income level is. You will also learn how to market yourself and your business internationally.

Marketing Systems





  • Personalized Affiliate Website(s)
  • Banners and text ads
  • Back Office with 24/7 commission and down-line reporting

Going forward, our plan is to periodically add other high quality unique marketing tools

ozLIFE Superfood

LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)


Is the best of the best: An ultra-premium, nutritionally dense, tonic in a convenient, easy to ship, delicious to drink, liquid food. 

You will find 13 Australian wild foods in LIFE combined with 12 other global superfoods. The list includes:

Wild food blend: (Wild rosella, Illawarra plum, Rainforest lime, Kalari plum, Lemon myrtle, Aniseed myrtle, Quandong, Forestberry herb, Davidson plum, Riberry, Mountain pepper, acacia resin extract, Pepperberry), Cherry, Apple fibre, trehalose, Blackberry, Pineapple core, Herbal-Active®, Grape seed extract, acacia gum, Acai, Blackcurrent, Mangosteen, stevia, Sea vegetable extract

Nutritionists used to tell us to have 2 serves of fruits and 5 of vegetables in order to get the antioxidants our metabolic processes need for optimum health and well-being. The reason there are only 2 fruits is that we have bred most of our fruits to be juicy, high sugar, low fibre, low antioxidant and generally of little nutritional value.

Even the flavour has been bred out of most of our fruits. The bad news is that as the nutritional density of our fresh produce is falling every year, this government recommendation is set to increase to 11 pieces of produce to try to make up the losses. Unfortunately, it just won’t work. The sugar (fructose) we are consuming today sets us up for Metabolic Syndrome and piling on the weight has become a National pastime.

LIFE only includes conventional fruits which are still exceptional sources of antioxidants and when combined with the Australian wild fruits and herbs the result is a nutritional cocktail with a powerful, synergistically interactive antioxidant cascade. This potentiates or amplifies the effects of any one antioxidant improving the results you can expect from our whole food drink. Added to this, it tastes great.

Simply try LIFE for a month and see if you notice any difference to your health, energy, vitality and overall well being. Make up a convenient concentrate by adding 5 scoopfuls (50g) to 500ml of water. Mix well with the ball whisk provided and store this in your refrigerator. Take a tablespoonful morning and night each day for the next 10 days before making up another batch.

All orders include *FREE international shipping to most countries

Film and TV Production Company

hex-redGrab Your Piece of the Multi Million $ Film and TV Production Industry

The Film and TV Production Company is owned and operated by The Nucleus Project and is based on a model that was designed clapperboardseveral years ago. This model was very successful in accomplishing its purpose and produced many satisfied participants.

The new company builds on that proven success and will be greatly expanded in scope, partly through the leverage provided by TNP. It operates via a hybrid cooperative pool system.

Many will relate best to the term “investment co-op” in beginning to understand the mission of the company. The main goal of this company is to give people access to an industry that is normally out of reach of the average individual—the entertainment industry. It will help raise capital for the production of worthwhile projects, with the main focus being Film and TV Production.

For any given project, this company could be the sole investor or part of a joint venture of a project depending on the capital required and the numbers of supporters that are participating. Due to the way the system has been designed supporters can receive an ongoing income from the hybrid cooperative pool system and not have to wait until a production is sold or goes to the box office to see a return. But in this industry the real payoff is when a production is sold or goes to the box office. This is when returns can be considerable—especially when secondary income such as merchandising are royalties are factored in.

The basic structure is outlined in the co-operative pools structure and is only a guide to the overall system. To become involved with the film company costs a $99 Annual Subscription to the Nucleus Project, then $47 per month to participate in the Hybrid co-operative pools.

More Information on the two elements, benefits and income potential are explained here.

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