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Make money quickly and easily without any prior experience or know-how.

The SIMPLE $9 Start Business With Unlimited Earning Potential

Get Paid to Socialize… and MORE! 


Join Now A part/full time income working from home can be easy and fun! For most people the number one priority when they first look for an online opportunity to participate in is the chance to make money quickly and easily without any prior experience or know-how. For just $9 you can be up and running and duplicating to start earning good money online FAST.

Get Paid to Socialize PLUS Win Cash and Prizes, Promote Your Businesses Or Any Other Business.

No special skills required…  This is Unique and a Real Winner!

Let’s show you how easily it can be done…

Do You…

  • Connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn?
  • Like having fun?
  • Enjoy meeting interesting people?
  • Want to feel appreciated?
  • Need more exposure and advertising for an existing business?
  • Desire to make more money?… easily!

How many people do you know that have similar interests?


  • A business you can run from your cell phone / tablet or PC
  • A social networking/ business/ advertising/ learning platform that costs just $9 p.m. to become a member
  • NO pop up adverts as found on other social networking platforms
  • Unlimited income potential as you progress through our pay plan
  • All you have to do is ‘socialize’ in our community and do things you probably already do on other social networks and invite a few friends / business colleagues.
  • Being able to EASILY create powerful business pages, classified ads and blogs to advertise any business, that are not only viewable within our community but also on the search engines!
  • No special skills required

This is a really simple business!

What do I get for my $9 p.m. Membership?

1) Access to Social Nucleus –  our social and business networking site

  • Make new friends / business acquaintances
  • Participate on the timeline – share interests, pictures, websites, stories etc
  • Individual or Group Voice/ Video / Text Chat and Desk Top Sharing
  • Create Blogs, Business Pages and Classified ads
  • Public and private chat rooms
  • Advertise your current business and/or interests
  • Sell your products

2) Access to uNucleus – our Learning and Resource Center

  • 100’s of eBooks, videos, articles, music, royalty free images, online resources
  • Multiple categories – Internet marketing, business, personal development, home and family and more.
  • Live and recorded meetings and training
  • Support system

3) Marketing Tools

  • Nucleus Project Affiliate websites
  • Banners
  • Invite Systems
  • Back Office Reporting

A fantastic value package for only $9 p.m. that any business or individual can benefit from!

How do I make money?

  • Earn credits for participating within the Social Nucleus community
  • Win cash and prizes in our monthly prize draws
  • Earn from the Social Nucleus monthly bonus pool
  • The Nucleus Project rewards you for introducing others to our  products / services/ Membership  packages. Your Basic Level Membership creates your 3×3 matrix that pays you commissions when you and your team refer others.

Earnings from the 3×3 ‘team builder’ matrix

  • Earn 3 levels of commissions initially
  • You receive $3 p.m. per person on your 1st Level ($9) (Refer 3 and you are free!)
  • You receive $2 p.m. per person on your 2nd level ($18)
  • You receive $1 p.m. per person on your 3rd level ($27)
  • With full matrix you advance into the main program as a Premium Member

Social Nucleus Bonus Pool

  • In addition to the commissions and prizes to be won, all Members can earn from an additional community cash pool
  • This pool is generated from everyone’s efforts not just your team
  • The pool is shared between the most active Members within Social Nucleus

Promotion to Premium Member

  • When your 3×3 matrix fills with 39 people you are promoted to Premium Member and receive a Premium Membership product package worth $49 p.m. plus the $30 annual fee at no cost* and enter The Nucleus Project main 3×7 rewards plan
  • *The first months payment of $49 and $30 initial setup fee is paid for you. Subsequent monthly payments of $49 are deducted from commissions earned.
  • You still receive commissions from your $9 Basic Member 3×3 team
  • You now qualify for The Nucleus Project main matrix 3×7 commissions, matching bonuses and additional bonus pools with unlimited income potential
  • As your team of $9 Basic Level Members fill their 3×3 they equally get promoted and ‘follow you’ – you now earn main matrix commissions and matching bonuses from them!

Qualification for 3×3 commissions As a Basic Member the only qualifications to receive commissions from your 3×3 team are:

  • Be an ‘active’ Basic Member @ $9 p.m.
  • Achieve 50 credits in the month participating on the timeline within the Social Nucleus community (this is really simple!)

To Summarize

  • Affordable $9 p.m. business to get started
  • No special skills required – anyone can do this!
  • A business you can run from your cell phone/tablet or PC
  • A fantastic value for money product package
  • Can benefit business and individuals alike
  • Introduce 3 people and your products are FREE
  • Earn 3 levels of commissions initially
  • Build a full 3×3 with just 39 in your team and receive the $49 p.m. Premium Membership package and annual fee of $30 at NO COST!*
  • This is your ‘First Step to Success’ with The Nucleus Project
  • Unlimited and uncapped income potential


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